A Easier Way to Finance: The New Bid Assistant for Investors

As you know, we are constantly working to improve the marketplace. Often these are “under the hood” changes, but our new service offers every investor more simplicity. In particular, investors who want to finance a large number of different loan projects right from the start have long desired this function.

How does that work exactly?

The Bid Wizard is a “Bidder” that behaves strictly to your specifications. This is a logical extension of the previous installation wizard. Instead of selecting loan projects “only” automatically, the bidding assistant takes the next step and submits a bid. Once set up in “My Bluebeard,” the Bid Wizard will search for eligible loan projects based on your criteria and automatically bid on them. The bids submitted by the bid assistant are as binding as those selected by hand!

The Bid Wizard provides a service that greatly simplifies bidding on Bluebeard. Depending on the risk-return profile, investors choose the criteria that suit them. Among other things, you can select the credit rating, the minimum return, the term and the KDF indicator of the loan projects that are of interest to you.

So as not to discriminate against the marketplace activities of other users who, as before, manually select their projects, we have considered a routine that works as follows: The total amount of a project that can be financed by bid assistants is determined by the previous duration of loan projects in the marketplace:
– Loan projects that are less than 2 days old can be 50% funded by the totality of all bidding assistants
– Projects 2-4 days old can be 75% funded
– Projects older than 4 days can be 100% covered by bid wizards. So there is still room for manual bidding.

As with the Attachment Wizard, portfolio creation is further simplified by the new Bid Wizard. The sortable setting allows investors to gradually build the right portfolio for them on Bluebeard. If there are any functionalities that you want to know integrated or improved, please let us know – the best here in the blog.