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Do you know this scene? At the supermarket checkout: Child screams and roars and cries – because it must necessarily have this nibbling stuff and that toy. Mother: red with anger and shame …

If you do not want to play in such a scene yourself, you should make it clear to your child as early as possible that we can not always have everything we like. Because things cost money and you have to earn money. As far as the dry theory and the harsh reality. Both find children but not exciting. With our tips, children can easily learn how to handle money.


Tip 1: Play


Tip 1: Play


“You do not play with money”? But! When children playfully learn how to handle money , they enjoy and enjoy it, and their interest is aroused.

How about a shop, for example? The children have to think about how much money they can ask for which articles, how much money they have to take with them for “shopping” and what they get for it.

For children between the ages of 6 and 10, for example, board games such as Monopoly (junior version) or “Zaster” are suitable.



Tip 2: Shopping

Tip 2: Shopping


But shopping does not just have to be played. Even with real shopping, the children can actively help :

  • Write a list and search stocks: What do we need? What else is there?
  • Compare prices in the supermarket: Where can we save?
  • Look at the receipt: What did we spend today? What cost the most?


Tip 3: To be a role model


Tip 3: To be a role model


Who lives his child , how to save is more credible. In addition, the child finds it quite normal to save money, if the parents do too. It is good to show this with a concrete example. For example: We want to go on vacation, that costs xy, so much money I have on the account, this amount I have to save now.

Also, always a good idea: set up a family piggy bank where everyone throws something into it. From the savings can be a small family outing, a cinema visit or otherwise take a joint venture.

Soon you will read in the blog: How to teach young people the responsible use of money .


What tips do you still know to teach younger children to handle money responsibly?

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