13 Ways to Earn Extra Income: At Home, Online and in Applications

The cost of living is high and the money from your salary is not paying to pay all bills? It may be time for you to think about looking for extra income to be able to pay the bills.

After all, the bills keep coming , and the longer you take to take action, the harder it will be to get everything off.

To help you, who needs to make more money to give comfort to your family, we separate some work tips that you can exercise to earn extra income.

Many of these tips you can accomplish without even leaving home. Are you ready? So check out 29 tips, choose the one that best fits your profile and start earning extra money!

What is Extra Income?

What is Extra Income?

Extra income is a cash value, which you achieve by performing an alternative work and complementing your work.

In general, people look for this way of acting when they have a new project, with expenses, and the salary is not enough to pay.

It is also a way found by many to pay late bills, repay loans, finance and put the financial life on track.

You can also look for extra income to raise money for the dream trip or to hold a beautiful birthday party for your children , for example.

How to Get Extra Cash Quickly in 2019?

How to Get Extra Cash Quickly in 2019?

The best way to earn fast money is by looking for a personal loan or how to have extra income by acting on something you enjoy or already have knowledge of.

Think about what you do best and turn it into income.

What was hobby and fun for you can often turn into extra money at the end of the month. Just organize and dedicate!

29 Ways to Earn Extra Income in 2019

Now that you already know what the extra income is for, it’s time to find out some alternatives to winning yours. Evaluate each one and see which is best suited to your profile.

Are you ready? So find out how to have extra income!

Earn Extra Income at Home in 2019

1. Make and Sell Crafts

Crafts are used to decorate the house, companies, offices and even how to give someone.

If you have the gift and you know how to do something like that, start earning extra money from it.

The ideal is to start with pieces that you have already produced such as:

  • Napkin holder of ice cream stick;
  • Newspaper magazine made of newspaper;
  • Puff made with pet bottle;
  • Objects of decoration, among others.

If possible, in the first few pieces, use objects that you already have at home, to minimize the initial costs of production or make a personal loan to buy the first items.

You can also perfect your techniques by studying alone. There are several free craft videos available on Youtube.

When the first few pieces are ready, advertise to your social networks, make a Facebook page, tell WhatsApp groups and sell your crafts!

2. Make a Home Pitch to Get Extra Income

Is the closet of clothes and shoes full? Do you have t-shirts, shorts, and children’s pants that no longer fit? Resale!

Open a thrift store at home to earn some extra cash.

To get started, arrange all the cabinets in the house. Separate the clothes that are not used and see, each of them, whether they are good or not. Separate those that can be sold, that is, that are not stained or decoupled.

After that, make sure they are clean. If they have that stale smell, which is common to get, wash the parts. Pass all and separate by number.

Set up a little corner of your house to expose everything you’ve got. Also worth shoes and bags.

All ready? Call friends, neighbors, spread the word on social networks and start spreading your new business!

3. Offer Hair Cutting, Makeup and Manicure Services

This tip is for those who already have experience. If you know how to trim hair or perform the manicure or makeup service well, this can be a way to earn extra money.

Friends, relatives and neighbors can be the first customers.

Start with a good price to, little by little, conquer the parish.

As you have income, be sure to invest in material. After all, you need good brushes and a great hair-dryer, do not you?

4. Make and Sell Sweets

Cooking is a gift and for many it is almost a therapy. For you too? So make this pleasurable moment turn into a form of extra income .

If you know how to make confectionary cakes, you can start accepting party orders. Whether you are an expert on pies, the tip is to do it, put on a styrofoam with a few ice gel stones in the bottom and go out selling on the street.

Go to a place of movement and offer your treats, they will surely succeed.

Of course you have to focus on what you know best, but here are a few tips to sell to inspire you:

  • Brigadeiro;
  • Condensed milk dessert with cashews;
  • Nesting milk candy;
  • Sugarplum;
  • Pot cake;
  • Cake in the little house;
  • Lemon pie;
  • Fruit salad;
  • Love Apple;
  • Cocada;
  • Queijadinha;
  • Bombocado, among others.

When you do do not forget to write down everything you have spent, see the value and multiply by at least two.

With the passage of time, after conquering the parish, you can make the amount spent multiplied by three. If you do not have the necessary materials, make a personal loan to get started.

5. Work With Sewing and Complement Your Income

Do you have a sewing machine at home? So start working now. Of course if you do not have a lot of experience, you will not get a wedding dress order, correct?

However, pants bar, nailing a button or even adjust the waist of a shorts are simpler jobs you can do.

Report to friends and even coworkers to get the first services.

6.Save Extra Income Enveloping

Some companies, even today, still send direct mail through the Post Office. For this to be done, it takes people to envelop the cards.

You can apply to work in this area in your spare time!

This also applies to handing out pamphlets at home. In stores and supermarkets, they always look for someone for this service. Make yourself available in the shops near your home!

Earn Extra Income on Weekends in 2019

Earn Extra Income on Weekends in 2019

7. Give Private Classes

Are there any school discipline that you master? Providing tutoring at home or at home is a way to earn extra money on weekends.

You can either give individual classes or join a group of children in the neighborhood to help with homework.

In this case, it covers a lower value, since it will serve several students at one time.

8. Work Freelance Waiter or Waitress

Lunches, restaurants and buffets always need people for the most moving days. Spread your resume to companies and volunteer to work on weekends.

9. Work as Pizza Deliverer on Weekends

Do you have a motorcycle at home and have CNH? Earn money as a deliverer .

Pizzerias and even restaurants often need people for the weekends or to cover employee breaks. Apply for this job!

10.Post Maintenance Services to Earn Extra Money

Are you a good carpenter, electrician or mason? Use this ability to earn extra income. Let everyone know that you are available to do these tasks on weekends.

11. Walk With Dogs

Many people have pet dogs and do not have time to walk around.

However, everyone knows that walking with them is very important so that they consume energy, stay healthy and reduce stress.

If you have patience with animals and enjoy interacting with them, act as a walker. Make an announcement with your name and phone number and spread it on social networks saying you are working in the area!

You can also take care of pets for other people when they travel. Great way to have extra income.

12.Use Your Car To Make Changes

It is common for people to need small reels, such as to carry a mattress or refrigerator to another address.

If you own a vehicle that allows this activity, take the opportunity to increase your income!

13. Tourism Guide

Often tourists come and do not know what to know, where to eat, or what to do in the city.

If you know everything about where you live, what do you think of offering to accompany them? Make a card, with your name and phone number and spread it in the hostels.