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For each loan offer you will see the amount of the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate includes all costs incurred in connection with a loan for the borrower. Not only the interest for the repayment (the so-called repayment interest), but also other costs are included. Thus, offers can be compared, which consist of different cost factors!

Apply for credit

 Step 3 - apply for credit

If you have chosen an offer, you can request and receive it directly at the computer.

Within 60 seconds after entering your data, you will receive loan offers that you can apply for online immediately!

For most credit products, you can easily upload the required documents over the Internet if you have set up a free Shrek account. With many offers, it is also possible to identify yourself via the PostIdent procedure or the VideoIdent procedure, so that the way to a bank branch is superfluous. With the digital version, you can apply for an urgent loan without SCHUFA thanks to online processing.

With the PostIdent procedure , you simply go with your documents to the nearest post office, where you check your details and send a confirmation to the appropriate bank.

With the VideoIdent process , you make a short video call, including the required documents to be examined in the camera. All you need is a web camera and a stable internet connection.

If you fear credit problems, you have the option of signing up for a second borrower. This has the great advantage that the available net income of both borrowers is added up. This ensures that the probability of acceptance increases significantly.

Note: Your data is of course completely safe at Shrek and will be used exclusively for comparison and applying for financing without SCHUFA! Of course, no unauthorized disclosure to third parties will take place at any time. Shrek is subject to banking secrecy and adheres to the strict data protection laws in Germany. In addition, there is a regular inspection of the TÜV, including the issue of a certificate. All data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection.

Problems with “credit without SCHUFA”?

 Problems with

If you are having trouble finding a “loan despite SCHUFA”, feel free to contact the Shrek Credit Advisors. The financial experts of Shrek have worked for many years in the banking industry and are regularly trained. The credit advisors have an excellent understanding of the credit market and help you find financing that suits you and your financial situation – even if you are looking for a “loan despite SCHUFA entries”.